Love Yourself

Hi my name is Nikki. Not Nicole or anything else, just Nikki. I love to be weird and I love to be myself. Judge me or not the choice is yours.



What if prisons let prisoners take their own mug shots?


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Anonymous asked: There was a boy in my school who is a geek. Everyone bullied him for some odd reason but i didn't know why? So one lunch i went up to him and told him to hang around with me but he was to afraid but i really didnt care. We talked more and then we became best friends. When i was 18 he was 20 we still were best friends but he had to talk about something......he asked me to marry him and i said yes of course. Its been 4 years and now i cant wait to tell him that im pregnant with his child.


Well that was just adorable from start to finish


I’m soooooo happy for you guys <3


moment of silence for all the young boys that’ll be jerkin off to the Victorias Secret fashion show tonight

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if ur hot and ur not talking to me please change that

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Me and my sister at the beach

Oh wow this was a long time ago!